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velvetLogo DeFi CeFi
Ease of Use User-friendly Highly technical & Complicated User-friendly
KYC Flexible custody
and non-custdial options
Permissionless & pseudo-anonymous KYC required
Regulatory Consideration Compliant Unregulated Compliant
Interoperability Composable (Lego-like) Composable (Lego-like) Fragmented across
Settlement Immediate Immediate T + days
Custody Flexible custody options
depending on your needs
Non-Custodial, relying on
wallets for self-custody
Custodial, relying on a
3rd party for custody


Flexible options depending on your needs


Composable (Lego-like)


Flexible custody and non-custdial options


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As a Vault Manager on Velvet Capital you can charge fees directly in your vault. The fees you can set are Management, Performance, Entry, and Exit.

To support further development of the platform, Velvet Capital takes Trading and Performance fees on the platform. The fees range between 0% and 25% of the total performance fees earned by the asset manager. The larger the vault, the smaller percentage we take, and eventually fees will be determined by the amount of tokens staked. Trading fees are 0.02% and will be dropped based on monthly volume and tokens staked. Fees are sent to Velvet’s Treasury.

At Velvet Capital security is our top priority, and we have a multi-faceted approach to it. First, we have done audits with PeckShield and ShellBoxes and continue to do them before every new contract goes live. Second, we have an ongoing bug bounty on Immunefi to incentivize white hats to find bugs in our codebase. Third, we have integrated real time security monitoring with Forta to find exploits and use Open Zeppelin Defender for automated actions such as pausing the contract when malicious actions arrive.

Assets are currently limited due to availability on BNB Smart Chain or Arbitrum, and Chainlink Price Oracles which we’re using for calculations. But over time we will continue to add more chains and price oracles to expand the universe of available assets. The Velvet Capital V3 will also be open to new assets and DeFi protocols through our custom Solver. We will also be adding Real World Assets, Derivatives, Perps, and other types of assets.

Yes, we are currently building out our API Layer that will allow you to create and use automated strategies and have them automatically execute on-chain via Velvet Capital’s asset management infrastructure. For now, please contact the Velvet Capital team if you wish to execute algorithmic strategies and we will help you get started!

Yes, Velvet Capital provides a white-label solution for Asset Managers who’d like to set up their own DeFi vaults under their brand, on their own website. Please contact the Velvet Capital team if you wish to learn more about it.

Yes, as an Asset Manager on Velvet Capital we will share our custom private Protect RPC via bloXroute, which will keep your transaction private in the blockchain mempool. Therefore, others will not be able to see your swap and Frontrun or perform Sandwich Attacks on your trades.

Yes, you can still use Velvet even with regulations that force you to know your counterparty. We are currently partnered with Wintermute to take the opposite side of your transaction, so you can stay compliant.

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