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Enabling institutional adoption of defi

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Launch & manage on-chain funds,
structured products & DeFi strategies

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Cross-Chain Asset Management protocol

Create DeFi products across digital assets and ecosystems

Launch tokenized funds, crypto portfolios, complex structured products and advanced yield farming strategies on-chain.

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Use our native app and add your fund to the marketplace or opt for a customized white-label solution and serve your clients directly.


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Ease of Use User-friendly Highly technical & Complicated User-friendly
KYC Flexible custody
and non-custdial options
Permissionless & pseudo-anonymous KYC required
Regulatory Consideration Compliant Unregulated Compliant
Interoperability Composable (Lego-like) Composable (Lego-like) Fragmented across
Settlement Immediate Immediate T + days
Custody Flexible custody options
depending on your needs
Non-Custodial, relying on
wallets for self-custody
Custodial, relying on a
3rd party for custody


Flexible options depending on your needs


Composable (Lego-like)


Flexible custody and non-custdial options

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