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Velvet Capital is leading the way in digital asset investing. With the backing of Binance Labs and other top-notch VCs, Velvet Capital has a chance to become a household name in the finance world and to lead the next generation of investors into the digital space. I am impressed with the team, their ability to develop an extremely easy-to-use UI, their understanding of the market, and the thought they have put into building a product that can be a real game changer in the DeFi space!


Andrew Sazama

Crypto Aficionado since 2017

Velvet Capital was a revelation. Its user-friendly UI and UX makes managing my investment portfolio a breeze.
This streamlined experience allows me to focus on delivering even more value to my clients. Velvet Capital is a game-changer, simplifying portfolio management and enhancing productivity. Thank you for making my job easier and more efficient!

Immutable Vision

Immutable Vision

Investment DAO

Velvet Capital is primed to revolutionize the digital asset domain and redefine decentralized financial products. Velvet Capital serves as more than an investment platform; it acts as a growth catalyst for crypto asset managers. It offers a supportive environment that promotes innovation and development, thereby cultivating a vibrant community of professionals committed to propelling the crypto asset management domain forward.

By unlocking access to high-yield investment strategies for everyone, Velvet Capital is dismantling the barriers that have traditionally restricted these opportunities.Velvet Capital symbolizes a significant shift towards a more promising, rational, and robust future for the financial sector. It emerges as a beacon of advancement in the realm of on-chain asset management, heralding a new age of transparency, verifiability, and democratization.


Hadi Nemati

Head of Research - FiCAS AG / Founder - DeFund Protocol


Intent Operating System to orchestrate all DeFi needs

DeFi middleware that helps launch & manage tokenized vaults and other DeFi products

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Velvet is the future of DeFi. Whether you’re an emerging fund manager, seasoned professional, or just a DeFi enthusiast managing crypto for your friends & family - Velvet has you covered!
Backed by Binance Labs, Velvet Capital offers a seamless way for anyone to create, manage, & launch on-chain funds, structured products, & tokenized portfolios! Velvet provides the necessary infrastructure to bring asset management on-chain.
You can now easily manage all DeFi interactions from a single platform & earn additional yield from lending, staking, or providing liquidity - across assets & ecosystems!
Whitepaper: https://docs.velvet.capital/

Velvet Capital provides all the necessary infrastructure to create & manage DeFi products.
Velvet is like your own personal smart contract factory - every time a vault manager creates a vault, a new series of custom smart contracts gets deployed, each product is independent and is entirely created & managed by the vault manager. We do not take custody of your assets.

As a first step towards creating a decentralized community-managed ecosystem, Velvet Capital will be airdropping reward points to early adopters and community members. The points are airdropped daily, and there are three main parameters in determining the allocation:
1)Total Value Locked (TVL)  —  your value in Velvet.Capital vaults
2)Total Value Referred (TVR) —  TVL of the users came from your referral link
3)Total Value Managed (TVM)  —  value in the vaults created & managed by you
The Longer you use Velvet Capital the more points you will accrue. You can use the airdrop tracker within Velvet Capital to monitor your progress.

To celebrate the launch of our institutional-grade DeFi Operating system we are offering a limited-time liquidity mining program to reward early supporters! For the first $5 million in Total Value Locked (TVL), we're offering double airdrop points! You heard that right! Earn 2x rewards for a limited time only!
Learn more here.

Velvet Capital is focused on building a Professional-Grade Operating System for DeFi that makes creating new DeFi products easier than ever. We are currently live on BNB Chain & Arbitrum and will be supporting more chains over time.
View our roadmap here.

Velvet DAO will be the main driving force governing & evolving the Velvet protocol over time. By purchasing this NFT, you not only secure your place within the Velvet DAO ecosystem but also give yourself the opportunity to put your fingerprints on the future of DeFi.
Mint your Founders Club NFT Today and learn more about the perks of being a Founders Club NFT Holder: https://velvetdao.org
Exclusive Perks:
1)Double your reward points airdrop
2)Chance to Receive an additional airdrop up to 1,000,000 reward points
3)Get a portion of royalty fees on secondary sales
4)Create a Public Vault on Velvet Marketplace
5)Double your Governance Voting Power
6)Receive exclusive Velvet Founders swag
7)Access private in-person events
8)Join a closed group of founders & fund managers - Genesis of Velvet DAO
9)Access exclusive strategies by top partner Hedge Funds

Creating your own Vault on Velvet Capital is simple, just follow these steps:
1) Go to our app
2) Connect the wallet of your choice: We are integrated with Metamask, Rabby Wallet, Wallet Connect, Coinbase Wallet, Binance Wallet, and Magic Wallet (which can create one for you if you do not already have one)
3) Click on the Create | Manage tab
4) Press “Create New Vault”
5) Enter the name and parameters: Set Name of Fund, Ticker, Fees, and more
6) Choose your original vault allocation
7) Deploy the vault
8) After you create the vault you can always rebalance and make trades in the future


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