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A Cross-Chain DeFi Operating System that helps launch & manage on-chain funds & structured products.


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Velvet.Capital is a Cross-Chain DeFi Operating System that helps launch & manage on-chain funds & structured products (tokenized funds, portfolios, yield farming strategies, and more). We are backed by Binance Labs and have won hackathons & bounties at BNB Revelation, Polygon Summer BUIDL, EthIndia, EthCC, EthNYC, NEAR and Starknet; part of "Startup with Chainlink.

It's a simple four-step process:
1: Click "Start" (or go to
2: Connect your wallet (or create a new one)
3: Select the portfolio you wish to use
4: Enter the amount and click "Deposit"
Once the process is completed, you will receive portfolio tokens in your wallet.

Velvet.Capital has undergone multiple successful security audits by Peckshield (a top security firm) and Shellboxes (Chainsulting partners). The audit reports are available in our docs. Our architecture is completely on-chain and governed by smart contracts, and Velvet.Capital never holds user funds.

The minimum amount is less than $5 (0.01 BNB), the upper limit is ~$6,000 (25 BNB) per deposit (you can make multiple deposits).

Yes, thanks to our partnership with Transak you can buy BNB with your credit card or bank account (click on your wallet and select "Buy"), than you can use it to deposit into any portfolio.

Managing the risk of crypto yield farming is important to minimize potential losses. Diversifying your investments across multiple protocols and regularly monitoring your positions are a few ways to help manage the risk.


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